always learning…..

Posted: November 8, 2014 in choral

This week in The Gospel Project we had the rare pleasure of singing somebody else’s vocal arrangements – the mighty Josh Johnston came to rehearsal to direct us in preparation for next week’s recording session with Hege Anita. For me it was a singular privilege to just sing and have somebody else direct, not just because it gives me one less thing to worry about (!) but because it’s a different perspective. And I always, always learn something from working with different musicians. People sometimes ask me why run I around so much working with so many different ensembles when it would be much, much easier to stick with just one or two. And yes, I know I complain about it sometimes (and with apologies to the family and friends I rarely see as a result!) but the truth is I believe it makes me a better musician. Diversity is almost always a good thing, right?


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