Welcome to cathymcevoy.com!
Here’s what I do: I’m a full-time musician based in Dublin, Ireland. Violin playing, composing, conducting, and arranging are my main things.

Specifically: As a violin player I play a wide variety of styles including bluegrass, traditional, contemporary and classical in ensembles including The Whole Hog, The Cabin Crew, The Lazy Band, and the Bamboo Sessions Quartet as well as wedding, studio and theatre work as a session player.

Choirs: I’m Artistic Director of a rather splendid vocal harmony group called The Gospel Project and I teach in Waltons New School of Music in Dublin city centre. I’m conductor/musical director of Gardiner Street Gospel Choir , Sandymount Gospel Choir, the Department of Enterprise Workplace Choir, the Waltons Sing Your Heart Out Choir  and the Portmarnock Singers.

I also work as choral facilitator for the National Concert Hall‘s Music in Mind programme and have just concluded a contract as 2022-23 Artist in Residence to Dublin City Council/LYCS.

ArrangingI’m a harmony nerd, I spend at least one day a week creating vocal arrangements for the ensembles under my direction as well as bespoke arrangements for commercial clients (Actually sometimes I arrange songs just for the hell of it, but I’ve found it’s better not to admit to that in public…..) Finally, and possibly most importantly, I write music. And sometimes I write about writing & performing music, which may be why you’re here…. My current  EP is Letters to Loved Ones which I hope you’ll check out.

Hopefully you’ll find any other information you’re looking for here in the meantime (unless you’re searching for a recipe for moussaka or something, in which case you’ve just got the wrong website….) But if I’ve left anything out – or if you just want to say hello – please drop me an email on cathymcevoymusic@gmail.com.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll check out my video, Even When I’m Strong –

And while you’re there, have a look at Strange Kind of Rain, which I wrote thanks to the generous support of the Arts Council of Ireland

You might also like An Coinneal – a piece I wrote for strings and performed along with a lot of people who look like me 🙂

Heard You Call My Name released!


The latest single from my current EP is now available…….

Penned by yours truly and performed with raucous energy by The Gospel Project, this first single from the Letters to Loved Ones EP is guaranteed to have you humming and clapping along. Or your 99c back 🙂 Enjoy.

  1. Cathy, I see you have made an arrangement of Everybody’s Free- ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Soundtrack SATB + Alto Soloist. I am a South African conductor and we have been asked to perform this oiece at a wedding in 3 weeks… would you be willing to share your arrangement with me? Please…

  2. Tom Horan says:

    Hi Cathy – well done on your EP ( I bought a copy at the Cabin Sessions a few months ago ) – you deserved that glass of prosecco ! Your experience as a professional musician shows in the songs – excellent melodies and good arrangements, along with very good singers and vocal harmonies – liked the gospel vibe and some of the songs have a Leonard Cohen feel also . From reading your website I see you have an extremely busy schedule to earn a living – a lot of good advice on it also for performers, songwriters etc. Best of luck with all your ventures and see you soon at one of the Cabin Sessions ! All the best . Tom Horan

  3. PJ. Crawley says:

    Hi Cathy. The album is truly entertaining and inspiring. Wishing you every success.

  4. PJ Crawley says:

    Hi Cathy. Amazing term-end concert. We all loved it. You are a true professional. We’re all very grateful for your guidance and good-humoured approach to teaching. You must be the crown jewel of waltons school. Have a great Christmas. We’ll be counting the hours to resuming in 2018.

    P.s. any chance of putting the performance up on YouTube. My father is not well at the moment and he would love to see it.


    • cmevoy says:

      Thanks PJ! A great concert that we can all be proud of, glad you all enjoyed it as much as I did 🙂 I’m sorry to hear your father’s not well, we’ll definitely get some footage up on YouTube for him to take a look at. I’ll send out the link to the class one it’s live. Happy Christmas.

  5. PJ Crawley says:

    Hi Cathy. Many thanks for that. Wishing you and your family a peaceful and happy Christmas.


  6. PJ Crawley says:

    Hi Cathy. I may have to skip this term as my father is very ill and I need to look after him. I hate being away from the choir, more than any of the other groups that I’m associated with, but he is in the final stages of cancer and I need to be there for him
    Will be back in the second term.

  7. cmevoy says:

    PJ, so sorry. I knew there must be something serious when we didn’t see you back this term and hope you’re coping ok with this very difficult period. Hope to see you back soon. Take care.

  8. PJ Crawley says:

    Hi Cathy
    Hope all is well with you. Just arrived back from Paris and the first thing that I heard was that waltons is closing down. I hope that this doesn’t impact on the choir.

    Very best regards
    087 2581413

    • cmevoy says:

      Hi PJ, Welcome home! The good news is that the music school is going full steam ahead, so no impact on the Sing Your Heart Out Choir. The sad news is that the shop downstairs has indeed closed down unfortunately. But it’s business as usual upstairs. Looking forward to having you back with us after Easter!
      all the best

  9. PJ Crawley says:

    Brilliant Cathy. I am out of the woods now but it’s probably too late to catch up in this term. Looking forward to returning. I will be at the term -end performance. See you next term. Many thanks for the response.


  10. PJ Crawley says:

    Hi Cathy.
    Hope all is well with you. When does the next term begin.

    Best wishes

    • cmevoy says:

      Hi PJ,
      Nice to hear from you again, you’ve been much missed in choir! We’re back singing our hearts out on Thu. 12th April (assessments for new members are on the 5th, but obviously you don’t need to do one). Looking forward to having you back with us 🙂

  11. PJ Crawley says:

    Thanks Cathy.
    I’ll register tomorrow morning . Can’t wait to return. I am involved in 5 other musical groups (including one directed by the great Eithne donnelly) but I have missed your choir more than all the others combined. See you after Easter.

    Many thanks and best wishes

  12. PJ Crawley says:

    Superb night in the nch. Many thanks for your help and guidance.


  13. PJ Crawley says:

    Hi Cathy. I assume (hopefully) that the choir will recommence in the autumn. Rob and I will definitely be there. Have a good summer. Pj

    • cmevoy says:

      Hi PJ, yup we’re back in business at the end of September. Great to know we’ll have some fine male singers on board again for the new term! Looking forward to getting back to choir 🙂 see you then. Cathy

  14. PJ Crawley says:

    Yeah Cathy.. no getting away from Rob and I. Looking forward to the line up. See you soon. Pj

  15. PJ Crawley says:

    Yeah Cathy.. no getting away from Rob and I. Looking forward to the line up. See you soon. Pj

  16. PJ Crawley says:

    Hi Cathy. Superb night! Many thanks to you and josh for your patience and professionalism. Whatever we did right tonight stems directly from your tutorship and love of the great art. Rob is quite ill presently and regrets missing much of the term. We both look forward to more exciting challenges in the new year. Very best wishes to you and your family for Christmas..


  17. Pj. Crawley PhD says:

    Wonderful evening Cathy. Sorry about the diminished voice. Very annoying. See you next season. Pj

    • cmevoy says:

      Not at all PJ, thanks for soldiering on in the face of vocal adversity 🙂 great concert, well done all. Looking forward to having you back in full voice next term!

      • Pj. Crawley PhD says:

        Cheers Cathy. I almost cried on Thursday. However, I played the entire faure requiem 4 years ago in mullingar cathedral while suffering from the flu. Now you know how important music is to me

  18. God! Genuinely can wait to get back to choir. Let’s hope that we’re good to go in the autumn. Pj

  19. Hi Cathy. Just wondering if we’re good to go for next season. I assume that waltons are formulating a plan for business.


    • cmevoy says:

      Hi PJ, I hope you’re keeping well! Still keeping the fingers crossed that we’ll be back in business in September and of course Waltons are planning for a physical re-opening, it’s a matter of being sure all the necessary safety protocols are in place first. As soon as these are worked out there’ll be an announcement on the school website. Stay tuned!

      • Hi Cathy. Hope all is well with you and your family. Just checking to see if there’s any fresh news on the choir. Are you still working with your choirs? It can’t be easy. I have a wedding tomorrow. 3 last week, but people thin on the ground.

      • cmevoy says:

        Hi PJ, sincere apologies for the delay with this – I’d been waiting for Waltons to make a call on September. Unfortunately it’s not looking good for the resumption of Sing Your Heart Out this coming term, though we’re still exploring online possibilities etc…. I’m going to be resuming with some of the other choirs in September, but the big challenge in Waltons is that Room 12 is not big enough to allow for social distancing with a large group. I’m gutted as you can imagine! I’ll definitely let you know if anything changes. Doing good otherwise, far less work than usual of course but surviving thankfully.

  20. Patrick Crawley says:

    Well. Good to hear that. I completely understand that our Thursday evening enjoyment is how you make a living. As a part time piano player, I can relate to the downturn in musical events. Luckily, I’m not depending on them. But I really miss my piano bar events. These are tough times for full-time musicians and I am very conscious that your entire family is immersed in music. I’m in constant contact with the other choir members. We are all devastated. Please contact me whenever Waltons give you the green light. In the meantime, stay safe and well and pass on my regards to your mother and Kieran. We’re all rooting for you.


    • Patrick Crawley says:

      God almighty! Given the year we had wouldn’t it be lovely if we could meet up before Christmas and maybe have an outdoor concert on Grafton street. I would like to believe that we will all stay together after such a long and beautiful musical relationship. It won’t be hard to rally the troups, believe me. Pj

  21. Hi Cathy
    Just a quick note to say that we’re all missing choir. This is a tough time for professional musicians so please accept my very sincere wishes for a brighter 2021. Regards Pj

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